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Corporate Culture Display

1. Core concepts and ideas for enterprise development

As a responsible and responsible national brand, Dongfeng Fengxing not only solidifies its quality, but also upholds its original aspiration and mission, always putting consumer needs first, and making every trip enjoyable for its users. Adhering to the brand value of "smart space, enjoying what you want", Dongfeng Fengxing regards innovation as the foundation of its enterprise and integrates cutting-edge car manufacturing technology. Utilize core advantages such as wide adaptability, large space, versatility, and smooth transportation in all fields to meet the needs of home and commercial travel in all scenarios; Using cars as a carrier to connect work, family, business reception, and social life, achieving a relaxed, open, and intelligent transportation transformation. At the same time, Dongfeng Fengxing considers users' needs and builds a comprehensive service system with "user experience" as the core through high-value vehicle security, high intelligence in vehicle connectivity, and high-precision personalized services, providing consumers with a new way of life and thoughtful and comfortable travel solutions.

Dongfeng Liuqi Spirit: Self reliance, self-improvement, excellence, innovation, unity, and virtue for the country and the people

Core philosophy: Continuous improvement, excellence creation, innovation, relying on large scale, strong quality, priority, and customer first

2. To what extent does the task goal of enterprise development (within 5 years) reach
3. To what extent does the vision goal of enterprise development (within 10 years) reach

In the future, Dongfeng Fengxing will continue to adhere to the development strategy of "quality oriented and brand oriented", base itself on quality, adhere to the positive research and development model, continuously enrich future product functions, and fully realize the brand vision of "a leader in professional travel services close to users". With more open and flexible spaces, more intelligent interactions, and a more perfect human vehicle life, we assist every wind traveler in "governing the world and the future with intelligence".

Dongfeng Fengxing - Brand Vision: A Professional Travel Service Leader Close to Users

-Brand mission: With dedication, allowing users to enjoy travel

-Brand value: Smart space, enjoy what you want

-Brand slogan: Fashionable in the world, intelligent in the future