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Dongfeng Forthing Electric Cars S60 EV Luxury Ev Vehicles with with European Standard Interface for Sale

This is Dongfeng S60 EV with new exterior design elements and high-grade interior design elements, L*W*H is 4700*1790*1550 (mm),Ternary lithium battery,Max.speed is 150km/h, About our EV cars, We are targeting high-end groups of customers, we belong to the quality and brand of Dongfeng products, as well as quality assurance services. In terms of appearance, the new car has added blue details in the fog light area and the front and rear LOGO to highlight the unique identity of the new energy model.


S60 EV S60 EV
  • It only costs a cup of coffee to cross two cities
  • 415km long battery life
  • Ultra-low cost of 0.16 yuan per kilometer
  • 45 minutes to fill quickly

Main parameters of vehicle model

    Main parameters of vehicle model
    Dimensions(mm) 4700×1790×1550
    Wheelbase(mm) 2700
    Front / rear track(mm) 1540/1545
    Shift form Electronic shift
    Front suspension McPherson independent suspension stabilizer bar
    Rear suspension Multi-link independent suspension
    Brake type Front and rear disc brake
    Curb weight (kg) 1658
    Maximum speed(km/h) ≥150
    Motor type Permanent magnet synchronous motor
    Motor peak power(kW) 120
    Motor peak torque(N·m) 280
    Power battery materials Ternary lithium battery
    Battery capacity(kWh) Charging version:57.2 / Power change version:50.6
    Comprehensive power consumption of MIIT(kWh/100km) Charging version:12.3 / Power change version:12.4
    NEDC comprehensive endurance of MIIT(km) Charging version:415/Power change version:401
    Charging time Slow charge(0%-100%): 7kWh Charging pile:about 11 hours(10℃~45℃)
    Quick charge (30%-80%): 180A Current charging pile: 0.5 hours(ambient temperature20℃~45℃)
    Change power: 3 minutes
    Vehicle warranty 8 years or 160000 km
    Battery warranty Charging version:6 years or 600000 km / Power change version:Lifetime warranty
    Motor / electric control warranty 6 years or 600000 km


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    Super size

    Maximum body size of the same class, 2700mm long wheelbase, 400L large trunk space.


    Fashion modeling

    Brand-new smart front car shape, flying wing tail shape, avant-garde, individuality and technology.

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    Comfortable driving

    Pure car chassis training, to create a fully softened interior, quiet and comfortable texture, theater-level NVH.




Brand-new suspended three-dimensional cockpit, high-quality materials made of slush molding technology, personalized interior atmosphere lights, and 8-inch intelligent touch screen.


  • Cost-effective


    Every kilometer is less than 0.2 yuan (public charging pile), and it is quickly filled in 30 minutes.

  • Technology leadership

    Technology leadership

    High-safety, high-efficiency motor, low power consumption of 12.3kWh per 100km, mobile power station function (220V household voltage output), battery intelligent temperature control management system.

  • Humanized Technology

    Humanized Technology


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