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Dongfeng Forthing Factory Direct U Tour Sales of New 2022 Trendy Design Family Mpv Cars Models

Original design aesthetics, subverting the fashion value of traditional family cars.Wind-braving front grille: A gradient vertical bar with a sense of rhythmic transition, just like waves and ripples, which are amazing and unbelievable.Customized front grille breathing light: distinguished front grille breathing light, technology and quality coexist, instantly attracting attention.LED headlights: outline the flowing light and shadow from head to tail, such as a dragon leaping into the sea, which is extremely dynamic.


M4 M4
  • Seat space is ever-changing, and you can enjoy a quality life.
  • Enjoy comfort and leapfrog quality.
  • Strong, intelligent, safe and comfortable.
  • Surging power, outstanding control.

Main parameters of vehicle model


    Luxury type

    Exclusive type








    Body structure

    Hatchback-loaded body (with panoramic sunroof)

    Hatchback-loaded body (with panoramic sunroof)

    Number of doors (pieces)



    Number of seats (a)

    7 seats, 2+2+3 layout

    7 seats, 2+2+3 layout


  • Dongfeng Forthing Factory-Direct-U-Tour-Sales-of-New-2022 Trendy-Design-Family-Mpv-Cars-Models6


    Giant-screen-level large-size panoramic skylight

    With an unobstructed view and a large transparent area, it brings a transparent and comfortable visual experience, and bid farewell to the oppressive feeling of the head space.


    18-inch five-spoke sharp sports hub

    Based on the five-spoke design, two-color fine cutting technology, it creates a mirror-like metallic texture.

  • Dongfeng Forthing Factory-Direct-U-Tour-Sales-of-New-2022 Trendy-Design-Family-Mpv-Cars-Models7


    Intelligent induction electric door tail

    The leading induction electric door tail at the same level, freeing hands and realizing all-electric operation in the whole process.

Dongfeng Forthing Factory-Direct-U-Tour-Sales-of-New-2022 Trendy-Design-Family-Mpv-Cars-Models8


Welcome light of exterior rearview mirror

Projection lamp of brand logo rearview mirror lights up when the vehicle is unlocked, and goes out after opening the door and getting on the bus. Welcome the owner and family to embark on a pleasant journey.


  • Surging power, outstanding control.

    Surging power, outstanding control.

    197 horses of the same class have the strongest surging power.
    Top ten Magna gearboxes in the world.
    0.3Cd lowest wind resistance coefficient at the same level.
    EMA Super Cube Modular Platform.

  • Strong, intelligent, safe and comfortable.

    Strong, intelligent, safe and comfortable.

    There are 15 items in L2+ level, intelligent driving assistance system.
    Future Link 4.0 intelligent system.
    Automatic intelligent parking.
    360° panoramic image.
    Monitor vital signs and remind children in the car.
    Eight airbags, multi-directional protection system.
    360°high-strength steel body structure.

  • Seat space is ever-changing, and you can enjoy a quality life.

    Seat space is ever-changing, and you can enjoy a quality life.

    3 kinds of seat layouts, more than 10 kinds of seat changes, and the leading ever-changing seat forms at the same level.
    2900mm longest wheelbase of the same class.
    40 humanized storage spaces.
    Four-bar chair backrest small table board.
    All 9 power interfaces of the whole vehicle use electricity in all scenes.
    More than ten seat changes.
    Super large space trunk.


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    Forthing U Tour, Brand new listing

    Forthing U Tour, Brand new listing

    Original design aesthetics, subverting the fashion value of traditional family cars.