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Resource conservation and environmental protection

● Creating green products

The company closely follows the pulse of the times and adheres to the concept of "building cars in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly manner, building energy-saving and environmentally friendly cars". In response to national energy-saving and environmental protection policies, it actively responds to the upgrading of national emission standards, takes the lead in completing product switching, continuously improves the competitiveness of new energy products, expands demand in various fields, and helps the country win the blue sky defense war.

New electric vehicle L2EV

S50EV Switching to Tramway Market Operation

● Build a green factory

The company utilizes new technologies and processes for energy conservation and environmental protection to reduce pollution and increase efficiency, creating a "resource saving, environmentally friendly" enterprise, and achieving green, low-carbon and sustainable development.

Concentrated water cascade reuse

Concentrated water cascade reuse