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How to make Chenglong Phantom shine in beautiful Qinghai?

"The shape of this car is so cool, let's go and see what it is for." This is almost the sigh of every participant who came to the Guangxi Pavilion of the 2nd China (Qinghai) International Ecological Expo when he saw the Chenglong Phantom II driverless car located at the main entrance of the venue.


Guangxi, as one of the guest provinces (regions) of the 23rd China Qinghai Green Development Investment and Trade Fair and the 2nd China (Qinghai) International Ecological Expo, has set up a 500-square-meter special booth in Hall A of Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the most dazzling exhibit is the Chenglong Phantom II driverless car from DONGFENG LIUZHOU MOTOR CO, LTD., which is full of science and technology.

After receiving the notice of organizing the exhibition from the Commerce Department of the autonomous region in late June, the company attached great importance to it, and the company office, import and export company, CV technology center, test center, CV sales company and other relevant departments cooperated with each other to confirm the transportation of exhibits and other related work, so as to ensure that this heavyweight exhibit can be delivered to Xining, Qinghai in northwest China on time.

As the facade of Guangxi Theme Pavilion, it is also the intellectual creation of Guangxi, which is the achievement of building socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era. Chenglong Phantom II driverless car has also attracted wide attention from guests from all walks of life.


Xinhua.com, Zhongxin.com, People’s Daily, Guangxi Daily, Guangxi TV, Qinghai Daily, Qinghai TV and other related media also reported on Chenglong Phantom II driverless car.


At this exhibition, with the cool and eye-catching shape of vehicles, it also brought some potential cooperation opportunities for the company. Mr. Bishnu, Honorary Trade Representative of Nepal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also visited Guangxi Theme Pavilion in person, and was very interested in the second generation unmanned tractor of DONGFENG LIUZHOU MOTOR CO, LTD. Chenglong Phantom on display. And communicate eagerly with the representatives of participating enterprises to discuss the export cooperation of medium and heavy truck products.


Recently, the 23rd China Qinghai Green Development Investment and Trade Fair and the 2nd China (Qinghai) International Eco-Expo have been successfully concluded. DONGFENG LIUZHOU MOTOR CO, LTD. will continue to uphold the will of state-owned enterprises, be an intellectual model of Guangxi, and show its new demeanor.

Post time: Aug-10-2022