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Forthing Friday Escorts the Third New Energy Vehicle Key Technology Skills Competition

The 2023 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition with the theme of “Green Empowerment and Linkage with the Future” – the final event of the Third National New Energy Vehicle Key Technology Skills Competition was held in Liuzhou City. Forthing Friday, as a designated vehicle, provided travel support services for the competition. From December 1st to December 9th, 20 new energy SUVs, Friday, fully assume the role of travel security providers, and provide high-quality products to assist in ensuring transportation services for the organizing committee staff, judges, media, and guests of the Third National New Energy Vehicle Key Technology Skills Competition. This is also another appearance of Friday on the high standard stage after the two major events of the 2023 China ASEAN Automotive Industry Cooperation and Development Forum and the 5th China Urban Credit Construction Summit in 2023, once again demonstrating the high-quality product strength of new energy of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company.




The 2023 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition—— the final of the third National New Energy Vehicle Key Technology Skills Competition, is the largest and widest national first-class vocational skills competition held in China for the key technology field of new energy vehicles. There were competition organizers, core experts, judges, media, as well as representatives of technical schools and students from 30 regions including Hebei, Anhui, and Guangdong. As of now, a total of 922 contestants from 30 provinces (regions, cities) across the country have participated in the finals, with the competition scale and number of participants exceeding the previous two editions.



As the designated vehicle for the event, the technology pioneer pure electric SUV Forthing Friday fully showcases the strength of Liuzhou’s new energy products. Its trendy and cool appearance, exquisite interior, comfortable and intelligent space, and excellent three electric technology will provide high-quality service experience for the competition organizing committee, experts, media, and guests. In addition, Friday’s first equipped with Huawei TMS2.0 heat pump thermal management system,which can be used in ultra-low temperature environments below minus 18 ℃, increasing winter endurance by 16%. At the same time, the armored battery carried by Friday can be charged once, and the CLTC range can reach up to 630km, effectively ensuring driving services during sports events.


In fact, Forthing Friday has a highly recognizable appearance that combines sportiness, technology, and futurism, while providing efficient, safe, and reliable green travel solutions. Once launched, it has repeatedly won the favor of high-end conferences and events. With its high-quality product strength, Friday has gained unanimous recognition and recognition from professional drivers of Hengda Bus, the transportation team of the organizing committee, and passengers, successfully completing various vehicle service tasks.




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Post time: Jan-04-2024