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Take Off! Heading To Africa, Our First Certified Prototype In Algeria

After five or six years of silence in the Algerian market, this year the authorization approval and quota applications for automobile imports were finally launched. The Algerian market is currently in an extreme state of car shortage, and its market potential ranks first in Africa, making it a battleground for all military strategists. Liuqi Automobile’s agent obtained the final authorization from the Afghan government for car imports in September this year. Dongfeng FORTHING became the first 10 brands in this market to obtain final authorization after Fiat, JAC, Opel, Toyota, Honda, Chery, Nissan and other brands.

Dongfeng Forthing enters the Algerian market with the “Joyear” sub-brand

In order to seize the opportunity and quickly open up the market, Algeria’s first certified prototype T5 EVO carries Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor’s beautiful vision for the Algerian market. It took off from Shanghai Pudong Airport on a special flight on November 19 and headed for the promising land of Africa. mainland. At the same time, this is also the first time that Liuzhou Motor has used air transportation for customer orders.
take off

Algeria agent development timeline

1. December 2019 ——The customer first contacted Dongfeng Liuzhou Import and Export Team through a product launch seminar, and the two parties established an understanding.


2. 2020——We recommended product catalogs and hot-selling models to customers, and dealers expressed their willingness to start with prototype cars and become network dealers.


3.2021 – A long tug-of-war negotiation cycle: purchase of maintenance equipment, purchase of Chenglong L2 tow truck, opening up customs filing channels; resolving difficulties such as over-long equipment packaging and transportation plans; all documents such as certificate + warranty card + warranty agreement French translation work.
Equipment import Equipment import L2 tow truck

4.2022 – Installation of maintenance equipment, leasing exhibition halls, and applying for dealer import authorization.


5.2023——Get final authorization approval and take advantage of the sprint phase:
Official notification
Government acceptance work: maintenance site cleaning, exhibition hall decoration, visits to local regulatory agencies, technical committee discussions and submission of documents by the trade department, etc.; distribution network layout: 20+ direct stores and distribution store layout.
Construction of local exhibition hall

6.November 19, 2023——The first certified prototype T5 EVO was shipped by air.

7.November 26, 2023 – The second certified prototype M4 for shipping.

I would like to use this timeline to document

Tribute to Algerian dealers

After many policy changes, it still overcomes many obstacles.

Move forward firmly and sonorously

Pay tribute to the export business team of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd.

Relentless persistence and diligent pursuit

Looking forward to Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. in 2024

Miracles are created in Africa, the “Continent of Hope”

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. and its Algerian dealers

Create great results through hard work in both directions!


Post time: Dec-22-2023